Dealing With Exam Stress

Every student, no matter how much they love school, hate the mere concept of examinations. While for some it may just be annoying or boring to sit down and study, there may be some who actually find it stressful to even think about writing an exam. Here are a few tips for you to go write an exam, stress free.

Proper Breathing
If you experience small panic attacks on or before an exam you may need to master a few breathing methods that will easily help you relax. Of course if these panic attacks are severe, you may need to reach out to a best child counselling Brisbane. If it is not a full blown out panic attack that requires the help of an addiction psychologist Brisbane , then all you need to do is to take a few good breaths and engage in some visualization techniques.

Get Enough Exercise
Studies have proven that getting enough daily exercise will act as a memory booster as well as keep you mentally fit. Try to add in a twenty minute exercise routine in to your daily schedule. You can do this by starting a sport or by simply going for a morning jog. Engaging in a physical activity if you suddenly start to feel stressed out while studying can also help, since your mind will focus all its attention on what you are doing, and will forget the fact that you are stressed out.

Live Healthy
In addition to proper exercise, it is also important to eat regularly and healthy, as well as to get enough sleep. While sweets can help you feel energized and awake while pulling all-nighters, it is momentary, and your body will start to feel fatigued after a while. Sticking to a healthy diet and a regular sleeping pattern, will help you in the long run, to avoid stress during exam months.

Plan It Out
Most often exam stress is caused by last minute studying and cramming. Avoid doing so by organizing yourself in advance and making a study time table. Evaluate what you need to study and prioritize the most important or hardest subjects. Start studying them slowly well in advance, so that you won’t have piles of notes left to study in front of you, the night before the exam. This will be made even easier if you find yourself a study buddy. Then you will have someone following the same study schedule as you and will act as a motivator for you to stick to it.

Get a Change of Scenery
If you study in the same place every day, then all you will be able to see around you would be piles of notes. This may be one of your stress triggers, sought it out by best trauma counselling Brisbane. Get a change of scenery by taking your studying to your backyard or to a friend’s house, during the weekends, and watch your stress levels immediately go down.