6 ways to Become A Good Presenter

Well if you wish to become a competent speaker, rather than merely being a confident one, you sure have to do a lot of practice. And skills of presentation are one of the major factors that you should focus on.

To gear up and boost your presentation skills you can follow some way outs. There are some easy but effective ways that will help you to improve your skills.

The below mentioned points can help you sharpen skills of presentation in the most resourceful way:

• Follow the 10-20-30 Rule

It was Guy Kawasaki who had offered this slide show rule and well proves to be quite practical. As pr the rule a PowerPoint slide should not cross more than 10 slides, it should not exceed and no text must have 30 point font. He also stated that it will not matter if the idea that you present will transform the world, rather it is you who will need to figure out how to spell out the significant nuggets in just about few minutes so that the audience stays glued to what you say rather than losing interest. Well, that was quite practical, ant it? Figuring out and understanding this rule will be a start to presentation skills training.

• You have to be entertaining

Your speeches must turn out being enjoyable as well as revealing and educational. Well, it does not mean that you require becoming a dancing monkey while presenting your slides, however unlike an article or e-mail, people do expect a bit of appeal to their emotions. Merely narrating dry facts without a touch of zeal or wit will eventually make people less attentive.

• Try to slow down

Panicky and inexpert speakers generally wish to finish off too quickly and leave the podium as soon as it’s possible. This is why you will need to deliberately slow down while you speak and for emphasizing any particular point, add in few pauses too.

• Eye contact is very important while carrying out any presentation

Try your best to make an eye contact with practically everyone who is present in the room. There are several salespeople who also state that you must not lay all the attention towards the decision maker as assistants and associates present in thermos can hold an influential bend over their supervisors. Personality development courses in NZ can also help in good presentation because it can help a professional to achieve the confidence needed to stand in front of others. 

• Word summary:

Would you be able to abridge your whole idea in just about fifteen words? If you can’t, then try to rephrase or rewrite it. Speaking tends to be an unproductive medium for corresponding information, hence, be aware of the important fifteen words s that they can be aptly repeated.

• Avoid reading

Well understandably, this is a no brainer, however in many ways, PowerPoint makes people believe that they can simply get away with anything that they wish to escape with! If you are unable to comprehend your speech without cues, then this means that you yourself have not been able to understand the crux of your message then it will turn out being a huge blow to any confidence that your audience have in stored on you.